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Multimedia, teaching method that has been neglected: A systematic review

Authors: Behzadhabibipour, Arashkhalili, Masoumeh Davodi, Mohammad ShafieTalebiyanpour and NoshinMobaser

Int J Med Res Health Sci.479-481 | pdf PDF Full Text

Despite the advantages of multimedia teaching and remembering, the information by teachers has been sadly
neglected. The aim of this study was to evaluate the benefits of multi-media teaching methods and reasons for the
application of this technique is by training teachers. In this study, systematic, internal studies conducted all the
multi-media approach in Iran in the last 10 years using the keyword multimedia, multimedia techniques, teaching
methods and multimedia databases including Magiran, MEDLIB, SID, Iranmedex as well as Latin databases such
as CINHAL, Pubmed, Scopus and Google scholar review and meta-analysis using data (random effects model) were
studied. Knowledge of between about 312 studies found that 57 articles met the inclusion criteria in all studies of
educational multimedia considered as one of the active and in the vast remembering the content of these studies is
taught over long periods of time. This style of training than other methods is more traditional methods of teaching
as the primary method of training was used. This study showed that survival rates compared to other multimedia
information on the method of teaching methods higher and this method could be used as a superior method for
teaching most subjects, especially used in medical education.

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