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Modifying radiology protocols for cochlear implant surgery in a government sponsored scheme: Need of the hour

Authors: Kranti Bhavana and Subhash Kumar

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Cochlear implant radiology is an indispensable part of cochlear implant work up. Candidacy can be finalized only
after complete radiology of the temporal bone and brain has been performed. In government sponsored program
radiology is important not only in deciding candidacy but has immense role in pre-operative workup, surgical
planning, implant selection and preparation for any surgical complication.
1. To device a definite pre surgical and post-surgical radiology protocols for cochlear implant patients
2. To determine the role of radiology in candidacy, pre implant counselling, surgical planning, implant selection,
and overall prognosis of cochlear implantation.
10 patients of cochlear abnormality have been discussed where both HRCT and MRI played crucial role in
successful cochlear implant surgery. All these children were worked up and planned after studying various aspects
of cochlear radiology. Successful implantation with satisfactory results could be achieved with the help of radiology.
We also modified our protocol for timing of implant. Repeat radiology is done if old radiology is more than 3 month
old on the day of surgery. To cut costs no plates are issued and radiology is read on the K PACS system in the
software format. Radiology is essential to decide CI candidacy. Radiology should be repeated if the previous
radiology is more than three months old at the time of surgery. We can cut the cost by reading the radiology on the
console and not printing out the plates.

Key words: Cochlear implant, radiology protocol, cochlear anomaly,

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