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Microemulsion Drug Delivery Systems for Radiopharmacy Studies

Authors: EmreOzgenc, MelihaEkinci, DeryaIlemOzdemir, EvrenGundogdu and MakbuleAsikoglu

Int J Med Res Health Sci.311-317 | pdf PDF Full Text

Microemulsions have been used increasingly for last year’s because of ideal properties like favorable drug delivery,
ease of preparation and physical stability. They have been improved the solubility and efficacy of the drug and
reduce the side effects. Use of radiolabeled microemulsions plays an alternative role in drug delivery systems by
investigating the formation, stability and application of microemulsions in radiopharmacy. Gama scintigraphic
method is well recognized for developing and detecting the biodistribution of newly developed drugs or formulation.
This review will focus on how radionuclides are able to play role with characterization studies of microemulsion
drug delivery systems.

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