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Job performance of clinical nurse managers and its relationship with their job satisfaction and job stress : A cross sectional study

Authors: Samiei V., Abdul Manaf R., Ismail A. and Kandasamy Ch.

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Satisfaction and stress are important work characteristics that affect job performance in nursing and their intention
to stay as a nurse. The aim of this study was to assess the job performance level of clinical nurse managers called as
sisters, and its relationship with their job satisfaction and job stress in Malaysian public hospital settings. A cross
sectional study was done among sisters (N=283) worked at government hospitals across five geographical zones of
Malaysia including: North, Center, East, South and Sabah and Sarawak using multistage random sampling. They
completed three questionnaires of Six Dimensions Scale of Nursing Performance, Job Satisfaction Survey and
Nursing Stress Index. Statistical analysis implemented was Pearson’s correlation coefficients, independent t-test and
linear regression analysis. Results of the study revealed a high range of job performance, a moderate level of
satisfaction and stress among clinical nurse managers. Nurses with degree education had a lower job performance
compare to diploma education (P =0.045).. A significant but weak relationship was seen between job performance
and job satisfaction (r = 0.165). Sisters’ job performance had positive significant correlation with Satisfaction with
promotion (r=0.137), co-workers (r=0.225), and nature of work (r=0.276) in Malaysia. On the other hand, sisters’
job performance had negative correlation with job stress resulted from dealing with patients and relatives (r = –
0.121), Home and work conflict (-0.136), and Confidence and competence, ( -0.154). Linear regression analysis
showed that; education, satisfaction from nature of work promotion and co-workers were strong predictors of job
performance among clinical nurse managers in Malaysia. Despite of having a high performance among clinical
nurse managers, there was a moderate satisfaction and stress among clinical nurse managers in Malaysia.
Correlations between job performance, satisfaction and stress was significant Education and three aspects of job
satisfaction including promotion, nature of work and co-workers were found to be the predictors of job
performance. It will be needed to set strategies to increase satisfaction and control job stress of nurses as the largest
group of human resources in the health care system to maintain and improve this level of job performance and more
importantly to deal with nursing shortage by creating an attractive working environment with satisfying factors and
without stress.

Key words: Clinical nurse Managers, job performance, job satisfaction, job stress, Malaysia

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