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Is Insulin Pump a game changer in the management of Diabetes Mellitus: A case series

Authors: Haider Ghazanfar, Zain Ahmed Javed, Hina Ebir and Syed Wajih Rizvi

Int J Med Res Health Sci.2016, 5, 2:99-102 | pdf PDF Full Text

Prevalence of diabetes has drastically increased over the past decade and it has a debilitating effect on one’s
quality of life. The Insulin Pump is a relatively new modality in the management of Diabetic patients. The objective
of our case series was to assess the impact of insulin pump on glycemic control and quality of life of diabetic
patients. In this case series we have presented four Type 2 diabetic cases which presented with different common
complications associated with diabetes as well as its management, particularly the complication of hypoglycemic
episodes. Worldwide introduction of insulin pump can prove to be a trend changer in the management of diabetes
Key Words: Diabetes mellitus, Insulin, Quality of life

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