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Investigation of adsorption kinetic of Doxorubicin onto iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles functionalized with poly(acrylic acid)/Allyl Alchohol

Authors: Fatemeh Siami, Homayon Ahmadpanahi, Amir Heidarinasab, Elham Moniri, Azim Akbarzadehand Hasan Ebrahimi Shahmabadi

Int J Med Res Health Sci.88-93 | pdf PDF Full Text

The study aimed to prepare iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles(MNPs) loaded with anticancer drug Doxorubicin
(DOX) in order to evaluate the adsorption isotherms and adsorption kinetic of particles. Nanoparticles were
prepared by a reduction–precipitation method and coated with poly(acrylic acid)/Allyl Alchohol as a pH-sensitive
co-polymer followed by loading with DOX. They were characterized by FTIR, XRD and TEM techniques. Shapely
nanoparticles with the size of 27 nm and loading efficiency of 90% were produced. Also it was cleared that DOX
adsorption onto MMNP follows pseudo first-order kinetics. Finally, the proper results of study suggested evaluating
the efficacy of nanoparticles against a cancer cell line in vitro environment.

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