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Investigating the Status of Respect Patient’s Safety from Nurse’s View in Imam Sajad Educational and Therapy Hospital, Yasuj in 2015

Authors: Arash Khalili, Akvan Paymard, Sanayatollah Bargrizan, Amin Hossaini Motlagh, Mohamad Ali Rasaei and Mostafa Javadi

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Health care organizations in Iran, should always strive to improve patient safety and quality of their health care.
The aim of this study was to assess the status of respect patient’s safety from nurse’s view in Imam Sajad
Educational and Therapy Hospital, Yasuj in 2015. This cross-sectional study and the study population consisted of
all nurses of Yasuj Imam Sajad Hospital were 189 nurses were selected through census sampling. Collection data
tool was demographic, safety questionnaire was Kodo and its content validity, and reliability of 0.827 was
calculated. Data using descriptive statistics tests and comparison of mean, Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis was
used. The mean score was 60, which represents the average patient safety and patient safety climate in the Imam
Sajad hospital in Yasuj. 49.8 percent of participants believed the decision by qualified individuals is done in the
hospital. Using the Mann-Whitney test between men and women was no significant difference in the average
dimensions of patient safety climate (p =0.000). There was no significant relationship between work experience and
patient safety. Using the Mann-Whitney test between married and patient safety climate significant relationship was
observed (p =0.035). the Imam Sajad Hospital safety climate is moderate, the need for greater efforts to improve the
level of patient safety is felt, and it is important that appropriate measures are respected authorities Imam Sajad
hospital personnel to meet to adopt aspects of patient safety and how to increase its important.
Keywords: Hospital, Patient Safety Climate, Nurse

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