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Investigating the Relationship between Death Anxiety and Attitude towards Life among University Students

Authors: Alma Azarian, Sanaz Aghakhani and Arezu Ashuri

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This study conducted with the aim of investigating the relationship between death anxiety and attitude towards life
in students of Payam-e-Nour University in Rezvanshahr, Iran. This research was a cross-sectional study and it was
conducted in the frame ofa correlational design on a sample of 100 students (N = 100) at Payam-e-Nour
Universityin Rezvanshahr in 2015. In order to select subjects in the present study the random sampling method was
used, given the nature of this study the method ofdata collection was a survey approach, and in order to collect data
Templers’ Death Anxiety Scale (DAS), Life Attitudes Scale (LAS), and checklist of demographic index were used.
Also, in order to analyze the data, the independent t-test was used for the difference in the rate ofattitude towards
life and the Pearson correlation test was used for correlation between the variables. The data analysis showed that
there was a significant correlation between the rate of death anxiety and attitude towards life. In addition, there was
a significant correlation between students’ death anxiety with their high attitude and low attitude towards life (p <
0.05). The findings of this study are in line with the literature review and indicate the effectiveness of death anxiety
indicator and high and low attitude towards life.

Key words: Death anxiety, attitude towards life, university students

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