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Investigating the prevalence of personality disorders and its relationship with personality traits among students

Authors: Davod Ghaderi, Ali Mostafaei, Saadi Bayazidi and Mahdi Shahnazari

Int J Med Res Health Sci.119-126 | pdf PDF Full Text

The present study was aimed to investigate the prevalence of personality disorders and its relationship with personality traits among students. This research was among epidemiological-correlational descriptive studies. Method: For this purpose, 389 male students were selected via a multi-stage cluster sampling method. All subjects completed Millon’s personality disorder (1987) and five-factor personality Costaand McCrae’s questionnaires (1989). Results: The results showed that the prevalence of personality disorders is among students. It was also found that there existed a positive correlation between schizoid, avoidant, dependent, schizotypal, borderline and paranoid personality disorders with Neuroticism factor (r = .1). There was a significant negative correlation between schizoid, avoidant and schizotypal personality disorders with extraversion factor (r = .1) and significant positive correlation between histrionic disorders and extraversion (r = .1). There was a significant negative correlation between dependent personality disorder and Openness factor (r = .1) , significant negative correlation between narcissistic, antisocial and paranoid personality disorders with agree ableness factor (r = .1) and finally, significant negative correlation between antisocial, passive-aggressive and borderline personality disorders with accountability factor (r = .1)and a significant positive correlation between accountability factor and compulsive personality disorder (r = .1). Conclusion: The results suggest a prevalence of personality disorders among students and significant correlation between some disorders with personality factors. Further studies in this area could provide more insightful findings in the field.

Keywords: personality disorder, personality traits, students

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