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Investigating the Effects of 8 Weeks of Rope Skipping on Static and Dynamic Balance of Educable Mentally Retarded Boys

Authors: Saied Ilbeigi, Mahin Khirkhah, Mahdi Mahjur, Hossein Soltani and Jafarkhoshbakhti

Int J Med Res Health Sci.349-353 | pdf PDF Full Text

The effects of 8 weeks of rope skipping on static and dynamic balance of educable mentally retarded boys were
studied. The results showed a significant difference in static balance (P =0.019) and dynamic balance in the
surfaces of anterior (P =0.03), posterior-interior (P =0.008), posterior-external (P =0.017) at the experimental
group compared with control group after the exercises. The rope skipping exercises used in this study improved the
static and dynamic balance in mentally retarded students aged between 11 and 17 years.

Keywords: mentally retardation, static balance, dynamic balance, rope skipping exercises

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