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Investigating management skills according to personal characteristics among head nurses (Case study: Selected hospitals of West Azerbaijan Province)

Authors: Sahar Soltanian and Sayedali Naji

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In any organization, the manager needs to possess necessary skills required for optimally allocating organizational
resources including capital, organizational, physical, humanistic, information, and time capitals. Nursing
management is an important facet of health care, which requires being organized and organizational decision
making. This process includes conducing joint projects like planning, organizing, conducting, leading, and
controlling. In the present study, the management skills of head nurses of the selected hospitals of West Azerbaijan
Province were investigated based on their personal characteristics. In so doing, 70 head nurses working in selected
hospitals of West Azerbaijan Province in 2015-2016 were selected using convenience sampling. The required data
were collected using Personal Characteristics Questionnaire and Management Skills Inventory of Kaufman and
Lindquist. In this study, in addition to descriptive analysis of the data, Pearson Coefficient, Independent t-Test, and
one-way ANOVA were employed in order to inferentially analyze the data. The collected data were analyzed
through SPSS 20.0. The results indicated that the mean score of the head nurses’ management skills was 2.5, with
cognitive being 3.89, humanistic being 3.57, and technical being 3.51. The results of t-test indicated that the
difference between the abovementioned means and the hypothetical mean was significant (p=0.001). Moreover, the
error level of 5% in management skills among the head nurses is different based on age, gender, educational
degree, work experience, and marital status.

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