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Interactive cards, students of nursing and psychiatric ward studying the effect of interactive card on the learning of nursing students in the psychiatric ward

Authors: Somaieh Bosak, Kourosh Zarea, Hamidreza Aghababaeian, Sadegh Ahmadi Mazhin, Ali Sadeghi Moghaddam and Hadi Bahrami

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Among caring behaviors of nursing students, communication with patients and the failure in executing the nursing
process are the main problems. Therefore, it is essential to use appropriate clinical educational methods that
involve the students more in communicating with the patients and encourage them to undertake the nursing process.
The aim of this study was to determine the impact of using interactive cards on the learning of psychiatric nursing
students. This double-blind interventional study was conducted on 43 psychiatric nursing students that were selected
through census sampling and divided randomly into intervention and the control groups. Pre-test was taken from
both groups before the study. Then, the students in the intervention group used interactive cards and the participants
in the control group received the traditional education. Post-test was taken from both groups at the end of the study.
Finally, No statistical difference was found between in the pre-test mean score between the two groups. The post-test
scores of the intervention group were significantly higher in comparison with the control group.The use of
interactive cards enhances learning and improves the communication skills and nursing process of nursing students
in the psychiatric ward.

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