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Identifying the Effects of Education on Burnout in Parents whose Children have Cancer and Presenting Educational-Moral Pattern for Nurses and Nursing Educators in order to Use it in Students’ Education

Authors: Nooshin Beheshtipour, Parisa Nasirpour, Shahrzad Yektatalab, Mehran Karimi and Najaf Zare

Int J Med Res Health Sci.525-531 | pdf PDF Full Text

The parents, whose children have cancer, experience a high level of stress and discomfort. The parents’ effort in
order to adapt to stressful situation depends on the availability and use of supportive sources including appropriate
notices, social support, using appropriate financial sources and their employment status (7). Giving clear
information about disease and treatment to parents in order to obtain a sense of control on opportunities and
appropriate planning is helpful. The goal of this article is to identify the effects of education on burnout in parents
whose children have cancer and presenting educational-moral pattern for nurses and nursing educators in order to
use it in students’ education. This research is semi-experimental and interventional and the method is simple
sampling based on the goal of selection and it is divided into experimental and control groups. The collected data
are analyzed by SPSS software, independent-t statistical methods, repeated measure test and paired-t test. The
results show that educational-moral intervention influences on the decrease of burnout in parents whose children
have cancer.
Key words: children who have cancer, burnout, nurses.

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