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Iatrogenic uterine vascular lesions: Diagnosis with color doppler ultrasound and treatment with transcatheter arterial embolization “a case report”

Authors: Mohammad Momen Gharibvand, Mohammadreza Jahanshahi,Azim Motamedfar, Kobra Shojaei, Najmieh Saadati, Azar Ahmadzadeh, Mohammad davoodi and Aliakbar Sahraeizadeh

Int J Med Res Health Sci.288-292 | pdf PDF Full Text

Uterine vascular lesions are considered as a rare complication of gynecologic and obstetric procedures.
Occurrence of Uterine vascular lesions such as pseudoaneurysms, acquired arteriovenous malformation,
arteriovenous fistula and direct vessel ruptures seems to be more frequently than it has been mentioned in the
literatures or previously thought. The delayed diagnosis of this situation may result in life-threatening hemorrhage.
Herein, we present three rare cases who presented with uterine bleeding after gynecologic procedures. Although the
hemorrhage stopped spontaneously, a massive hemorrhage reoccurred. We would like to emphasize Doppler
ultrasound scan as the primary screening modality and also describe transcatheter angioembolization as a good
treatment opportunity for these conditions.
Keywords: Arteriovenous Malformations; embolization; laparoscopically assisted myomectomy; uterine artery

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