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Authors: Bandana Chatterjee, Kanchan Modi, Tinkal Patel

Int J Med Res Health Sci.2016;5(1):92-97 | pdf PDF Full Text

Now-a-days people consumption habits are changing they are inclined to buy healthy food that fulfills the need of essential nutrients in the body. With increasing educational level, people are becoming ready to accept different types of food & beverages that have added nutritional ingredient. Hence with this change, nutraceutical ingredient is gaining importance. Nutraceutical are those that combine technological and health properties. Nutraceutical Ingredients are substances with clinically confirmed health benefits and have broad applications in foods, beverages, dietary supplements and nutritional preparations. There are huge numbers of ingredients which are still unexplored. They have still not gained popularity in food industry. In this review paper a brief introduction of nutraceutical ingredient, its market and detailed knowledge of-Ginseng, Pine Bark Extract, Seabuckthorn, Buckwheat is mentioned.
Keywords: Nutraceutical Ingredients, Health benefits, Food products.

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