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Examining the prevalence of Hemoglobin A1C level disorder in women affected with polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) at Imam Ali Hospital, Karaj

Authors: Maryam Amin

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PCOS in commonly associated with metabolic disorders, therefore it, is reasonable and timely action to identify and
manage the disorders. Accordingly in this study we decided to determine, the prevalence of abnormal hemoglobin
A1C levels in women with signs and symptoms at PCOS. so 50 women with PCOS, based on clinical symptoms and
laboratory results, were studied. Then hemoglobin A1C levels were assessed (by a blood test). The data analysis
was performed using SPSS software. Chi-Square test didn’t show the significant relationship between BMI and
HbA1C levels (P>0.05). Chi-Square test didn’t show the significant relationship between age and HbA1C levels
(P>0.05). Independent T-test showed, there is significant relationship between fasting blood glucose and HbA1C
levels (P<0.05)

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