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Evaluation of Microbial Contamination in two of Hospitals in Kermanshah Province, Western Iran

Authors: Reza Hatami Moghadam

Int J Med Res Health Sci.507-511 | pdf PDF Full Text

Nosocomial infections are infections that are not present in the patient at the time of admission to hospital but
develop during the course of the stay in the hospital. Nosocomial infection, is a serious health center problem that
cause to increase medical costs and mortality all over the world. Environment and Personals of hospitals are the
most reservoir and vehicles for the transmission of microorganisms. This study had been conducted to identify the
types and sensitivity of bacterial isolates to commonly used antibiotics. For the period from the April 2012 to April
2015 collected 2208 samples of personals and all wards of two hospitals in two of hospitals in Kermanshah
province ,western Iran.
Keywords: Nosocomial infection; Microbial contamination, Hospital, Iran

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