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Evaluation of antiulcer activity of ethanolic extract of Momordica dioica on pylorus ligature induced and ibuprofen induced ulcer in albino rats


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

Authors: Raveendra Kumar N, Siva Kumar N, Yakaiah Vangoori
Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2013;2(4):762-767|   DOI:10.5958/j.2319-5886.2.4.122


Objective: The aim of the present study is to evaluate the anti-ulcer activity of Ethanolic extract of Momordica Dioica in pylorus ligation and ibuprofen induced gastric ulcers in rats. Methods: Gastric ulcer was induced by giving ibuprofen (200mg/Kg) and by pylorus ligation method. The animals used for the experiment were divided into 4 groups for each model, 6 rats in each group. In pylorus ligation model, all groups of rats were pre-treated with test drugs, Group-I (control) received 2%gum acacia-2ml/100g, Group-II (standard) received Ranitidine (60mg/kg.) and group-III, IV  were treated with Ethanolic extracts 150mg/kg, 300mg/kg. respectively orally 30mins prior to pylorus ligation. The Antiulcer activity of Momordica Dioica was assessed by determining and comparing gastric volume, free acidity, total acidity, pH, percentage of ulcer protection, ulcer index. In ibuprofen induced ulcer model, all groups of rats were treated with test drugs for 7 days prior to ibuprofen induced ulcer. Animals were divided into 4 groups and treated with drugs as in above model. After 7 days of treatment, animals were fasted for 24 hrs. Ulcers were produced by giving ibuprofen (200mg/Kg) on the day of sacrifice. The animals were sacrificed 4 hours later and stomachs were open along the greater curvature and ulcers were graded. Percentage of ulcer protection, ulcer index were observed and calculated. Results: The extract of Momordica Dioica in pylorus ligation model, it decreased the ulcer index (1.66) and there was a decrease in total gastric acid and free acid (p<0.0001), and increases the pH value (p<0.0001) and also reduces the total gastric volume (p<0.0003), increases the percentage of ulcer protection (61.66%). In ibuprofen induced ulcer model, it decreases the ulcer index (10.66) and increases the ulcer protection (72.09%). Conclusion: The Ethanolic extract of Momordica Dioica was clearly shows a protective effect against total acid, free acid, gastric volume and ulcer index and also increases pH and percentage of protection against ulcers in both models.

Key words:  Momordica Dioica, Gastric protection, Ibuprofen, Ulcer Index

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