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Evaluating the tendencyto Use Drug among Students in the City of Zabol

Authors: Hossein Shahdadi, Reza Mohammadpour Hodki, Amin Ali Abadi, Ahmad Rezapour and Amene Sheikh

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Currently, the increasing prevalence of drug abuse can be seen among teenagers around the world. Thus, this study
was conducted to investigate the tendencyin drug abuse among students in Zabol. This study is a descriptivecorrelational study. In this study, 363 students were studied. The demographic characteristics questionnaire and the
drug abuse tendency questionnaire were applied in this research. The data were collected and they were imported to
SPSS21 software.Then, they were analyzed using the methods of descriptive statistics, correlation, independent ttest, ANOVA, andScheffe post hoc test. According to the results of surveying four dimensions of the tendency to the
drug, social dimension (15.60±3.44) and individual dimension (6.30±2.41) have allocated respectively the highest
and the least average score in the tendency to the drug. In addition, the total score anddimensions of drug abuse
tendency had no significant difference based onage and gender. The mean and standard deviation towards drug
abuse among students in the city of Zabol show that the tendency score toward drug is in lower-middle-level (35/38
± 4/89).

Keywords: tendency to drug abuse, students

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