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Evaluating the effect of genistein on the amount of BDNF protein in the spinal cord of diabetic ovariectomized rats

Authors: Musa Azizpour, Reihaneh Hoveida and Nasser Ahmadyasl

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BDNF (Brain derived neurotrophic factor) is a secretion protein and a member of the neurotrophin family of growth mending more estrogen increases its expression. Genistein is a phytoestrogen found in soy and soy products in large amount. The compound has attracted medical science researchers and public individuals, owing to the fact that it helps in the prevention and treatment of several diseases such as diabetes, menopause symbols, osteoporosis, heart and blood vessel diseases, renal disease, and different cancers. In this study, the effect of genistein was studied as an alternative to estrogen in the expression ofBDNF in ovariectomized rats of type 2diabetes. Sixty (60) female rats were randomly divided into 4 groups. The SHAM group received laparotomy and drug solution (DMSO+PEG). In the ovariectomy group (OVX), the ovary on both sides of the abdomen were removed. The diabetic ovariectomy group (OVX. DI) had type 2 diabetes after ovariectomy. In the diabetic ovariectomy group treated with genistein (OVX. DI. G), the rats received genistein 1 mg / kg / day after ovariectomy and induction of diabetes. Thereafter, sampling of spinal cord was carried out . The amount of BDNF was measured using RTPCR. The results showed  that the injection of genistein significantly increased the amount of BDNF expression in the spinal cord when compared with the diabetic ovariectomy group (OVX.DI) and ovariecto my group (OVX) (p<0/05). Since BDNF is a member of the neurotrophic factor family, its expression is required for the regulation of growth, survival, and preservation of neurons and ovarian steroid . Therefore, genistein can be said to increase BDNF in the spinal cord.

Keywords: Genistein, BDNF, Diabetes, Spinal Cord

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