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Evaluating In-service Training Climate between Medical Libraries in Northern Iran

Authors: MousaYaminfirooz and Hasan Siamian

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In-service training has been used as a certain procedure for improving service quality and developing staff
knowledge and awareness. This study aimed to evaluate the in-service training climate in libraries located in
northern Iran medical universities from their staff viewpoints with ClimateQual survey tool. As a cross-sectional
and analytical-survey, this study conducted among all staff of northern Iran medical libraries –including Babol,
Mazandaran (Sari), Golestan (Gorgan) and Gilan (Rasht)- in 2012. The research instrument included ClimateQual
Questionnaire developed by Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in 2009 and normalized by the researcher in
his PhD dissertation in 2011. The rank of in-service component among all 9 components of ClimateQual was 8
(10.24 ± 3.17). As result, in-service training climate was not satisfactory from the staff viewpoints. ANOVA test
results showed that in-service status was somewhat similar quantitatively and qualitatively in the studied
universities (Sig.=591). There was a significant difference between staff in-service training mean scores according
to their educational degrees (Sig.= 0.006). It is necessary to revise deeply in the quality and quantity of staff inservice
training in the studied libraries.

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