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Efficacy of harmonic scalpel in total clipless laproscopic cholecystectomy

Authors: Elshoura AA , Saber SA and Elshora OA

Int J Med Res Health Sci.2016, 5, 2:29-35 | pdf PDF Full Text

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) is a well-known benchmark in the surgical management of gall bladder stones.
It has numerous advantages such as its minimal invasiveness and faster recovery for patients. Harmonic scalpel
(HS) has been widely used for cystic duct and artery closure. This study aimed to investigate efficacy of HS in the
closure of the cystic artery and duct, its beneficial aspects and, if it is a safe instrument. This study included 75
patients had LC performed using HS in closure and division of both the cystic duct and artery with dissection of the
gallbladder by it. The perioperative data were recorded. LC was successfully conducted on all included patients; the
average duration of the procedures was 35.6±7.1 mins. There is a lower incidence of gallbladder perforation with
subsequent avoidance of time loss. No mortality no intraoperative bile duct injury or perioperative bleeding were
reported. Nevertheless the major postoperative morbidity rate was in 3 cases 4.0% (one case bile leak from
accessory duct, and 2 cases port site infection), The HS is an efficient tool for complete hemo-biliary sealing; it
enhances the operative course of elective LC.
Keywords: Harmonic Scalpel, Clipless laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

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