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Effects of problem solving education on thinking styles of Isfahan high school girl students

Authors: SakinehFathi and Amir Qamrani

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The purpose of this study is the influence of problem solving education pattern on thinking styles of Isfahan high
school girl students. This research is semi-experimental with scheming pretest-posttest and follow-up control. The
studied statistical population was all of the high school students of Isfahan which among them 30 people were
chosen by random cluster multistage method and randomly took part in two experimental groups and control
equally. Thinking styles test were applied as pretest, posttest and follow-up. Problem solving teaching performed in
8 weeks for experimental group and evidence group did not take any teaching. Data were analyzed by variance
analyzing method and repeating measurements. Average points of thinking styles in experimental group triables
improved in the moment and two month after interference in comparison to evident group. Regarding to this
educational pattern’s effect and stableness, using problem solving education in several education and research
categories of students is recommended.

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