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Effects of Electromagnetic Wave from Mobile Phones on Human Sperm Motility and Viability: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Authors: Yadolah Fakhri, Heidar Heidari Khoei, Milad Moloudizargari, Mohammad Hossein Asghari, Hassan Keramati, Milad Adel, Nazak Amanidaz, Moayed Avazpour, Yahya Zandsalimi, Bigard Moradi and Leila Rasouli Amirhajeloo

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Nowadays humans are constantly exposed to electromagnetic wave (EMW), especially mobile phone. Recently
concerns about the potential risks of EMW it’s increasing. A possible risk of the EMW is adverse effect on human
semen quality. In this study, it was tried to do meta-analysis on the results obtaining the evaluation of sperm quality
(motility and viability) after in vitro exposure to EMW of mobile phone. We carried out a Systematic Review in
databases of ISI, Pubmed, Scopus, Ovid, Embase and VIP till December 2015. Then was performed meta-analysis
of data extracted by comprehensive meta-analysis 2.2 software. Finally, 10 studies [8: sperm motility (17
subgroups), 6: sperm viability (6 subgroups)] were reviewed and meta-analysis was done. The percentage ranges of
sperm motility in the unexposed and exposed samples were 17.70±10.9 % to 87.20±7.32% and 18.40±11.90% to
87.5±8.57%, respectively. The mean differences for sperm motility and heterogeneity were REM:-4.57;CI(-7.11 to –
2.03) and I2=69.38%; ρheterogeneity<0.001, respectively. The percentage range of sperm viability in the unexposed and
exposed samples were 50.78±5.98% to 90.9±3.7% and 48.43±13.99 to 90.4±4.1% respectively and for sperm
viability, the mean differences for sperm motility and heterogeneity were REM-1.19; CI (-2.04 to -0.34) and
I2=96.9%; ρheterogeneity<0.001, respectively. Exposure to EMW of mobile phone decreased significantly sperm motility
and sperm viability decreased but not-significantly. Results of this study supported the negative effects of EMW of
mobile phone on the sperm motility
Keywords: Electromagnetic, Mobile Phones, Sperm Motility, Sperm Viability

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