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Effective factors on the development of medical tourism industry in the West Azerbaijan Province, Iran: Pattern presentation

Authors: Yousef Mahmoudifar, Seyed Jamaledin Tabibi, Amir Ashkan Nasiripour and Leila Riahi

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Nowadays, the market of medical tourism is considered as a revenue and competitive industry throughout the world,
it is also regarded as a novel field of the sophisticated tourism. Therefore, most of the developing countries have
focused on the medical tourism industry and they are planning for it. In 2016, the present research was conducted
with the main objective of devising a pattern for medical tourism development in the West Azerbaijan Province. The
statistical population consisted of all medical tourists who referred to the hospitals located in the province. With
regard to the krejcie-morgan table and statistical population, the number of the sample was estimated to be equal to
260 persons. These persons were selected based on the multi-stage sampling method. The scholar made
questionnaire and studies of the Ricafort and Kazemi were employed as the instrument of collecting data. The
validity of questionnaire was confirmed by the experts, professors, supervising and advising professors after
applying the required amendments. The reliability was realized using factor analysis method. The PLS method was
utilized for analysis of the data. The findings indicate that %82.5 of the variations linked to the medical tourism
development has been realized via changes in the two predictor variables (independent variable), including hospital
selection and West Azerbaijan selection. Moreover, the two main factors, including hospital selection and West
Azerbaijan selection with impact factors of 0.486 and 0.469, respectively have a direct and significant impact on the
development of medical tourism of the province. West Azerbaijan Province has so many potentials, and due to this
fact there exist very special conditions which can contribute to the development of the medical tourism industry in
this region. It can be deduced that by carrying out measures, like creating a brand for province in the medical
tourism field, coordination of the corresponding organizations related to the medical tourism and existence of
responsible intersectional and policymaking institutions, we can contribute to the development of the medical
tourism industry of West Azerbaijan.
Keywords: Health Tourism, Medical Tourism.

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