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Effect of the use of a safety intravenous catheters to prevent needle stick injuries

Authors: Fuladvandi M., Rayani F., Eslami Aliabadi H., Fuladvandi G. R. and Rajabi R.

Int J Med Res Health Sci.189-194 | pdf PDF Full Text

The damage caused by sharp objects is one of the most important biological hazards among health care workers.
Due to the importance of occupational injury, this study aimed to investigate the efficiency of using safety
intravenous catheters with the safety Chamber features in reducing the damage caused by the needle during veni
puncture in Afzali pour hospital wards in Kerman. This was a Quasi-experimental study. The sample was consisted
of all nurses who worked at Kerman Afzali pour Training hospital during the course of the study.After training was
provided to the staff, the available intravenous catheters were distributed among them by hospital medical
equipment units. The data were gathered six months before and after the use of safety intravenous catheters, and
were analyzed by using SPSS and descriptive statistics tests.The average age at the time of NSI (4.7 ±) was 30.
People who were in the range of 25-29years oldhad40%injuries.There was a significant correlation between the NSI
in the second half of2011 and first half of2012before and after the use of safety angicuts. (p<0.001)Considering the
results, the use of safety needles is recommended to reduce injury.
Keywords: Needle-stick, Safety intravenous catheters, Nurses

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