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Effect of the pregnancy period preparation classes on the nutritional behavior of the postpartum period

Authors: Maryam Rezaeyan, Habibeh Morteza, Seyedeh Tahereh Mirmolaei and Parichehr Khedri

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Postpartum period is an important step because the mother’s body needs to heal and recover, after pregnancy
period and childbirth. So taking good care and a balanced diet in the postpartum period, plays an important role in
the women’s health. Thus, training of nutrition is so necessary at this period. The aim of this study was an evaluation
the effect of the pregnancy period preparation classes on the nutritional behavior of the postpartum period
. This
research is a semi-experimental study. 230 numbers of the nulliparas admitted to the health centers selected by
stratified-cluster sampling method and were placed in the intervention and control groups. Classes for the
intervention group were held once every one week in the eight sessions and the duration of each session, was one
hour. Collection of data was conducted through questionnaires and in order to its analysis, SPSS software was used.
The results for this experiment showed that, the groups of intervention and control groups, were similar in terms of
the demographic characteristics but there was a significant difference in nutritional behavior of these groups and
the amount of food groups and duration of iron tablet’s consumption for the intervention group, were more than the
control group (P=0.000). Therefore, the final results from this investigation showed that, classes of the pregnancy
period preparation had positive effects on the nutritional behavior and consumption amounts for the food groups in
the postpartum period which indicates the importance of pregnancy period classes and role of midwives in the field
of the pregnancy period training

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