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Education of Correct Insulin Injection Technique amongst Diabetic Patients: Outcome Study from Malaysia

Authors: Saharuddin Ahmad, Muhamed T. Osman, Aida Jaffar, M. Radzniwan A. Rashid, Mohd Rohaizat Hassan and Ziti Akthar Supian

Int J Med Res Health Sci.198-205 | pdf PDF Full Text

Effect of insulin relies on correct dose and appropriateness of insulin injection technique. However, inappropriate
technique is common among diabetes patients. The impact of educating proper technique in these patients is still
under studied. To evaluate the outcome of education of insulin injection technique to diabetes patients who are
on insulin therapy in a Malaysian primary care clinic. A total of 114 diabetes patients on insulin were
randomly selected in this prospective study. Participants’ injection technique and HbA1c were assessed at
baseline and 3 months later. After initial assessment, all participants were taught on proper technique of injection.
Those with inappropriate technique were given individualized coaching. Majority participants (86.8%; 99/144)
had appropriate technique at baseline and 67.7% (66/99) of them managed to improve their technique after
intervention. There was 0.82% reduction in HbA1c observed among all participants, mean (SD) HbA1c at
baseline was 9.9 (2.11)% and at post-intervention was 9.1 (2.16)%, (p < 0.01). Inappropriate insulin injection
technique is very common in current study. With focused education, 67.7% (66/99) of the respondents’ had
improvised their injection technique. There was 0.82% reduction in HbA1c measurements within 3 months post
intervention {pre 9.9 (SD 2.16) %,vs post 9.08 (SD 2.16) %}. There is a necessity to assess insulin injection
technique during every follow-up. Health care providers need to identify and rectify the incorrect the technique as
it may improve the glycaemic control among diabetes patients who are on insulin devices.
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Insulin injection Technique, Malaysia

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