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Economic evaluation (quantitative) for Mung bean (Vignaradiata) production in the Kamin Region, Sadat Shahr, Fars province

Authors: Mahmood Reza Sadikhani and Mohammad Zeinvand

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Although one of the biggest disadvantages of an economic evaluation, is volatility of price and instability of
economic conditions, But for land use planning, economic considerations play a key role in land use and making
decision. Cost is an important factor that encourage farmers to grow special crop. Thus, in addition to the
qualitative and quantitative evaluation, Land Suitability can be based on net or gross profit per unit area of land to
be assessed in economic terms. The economic evaluation is based on net income or gross income from the land. The
purpose of this study was to assess the economic evaluation for part of Saadat Shahr (Kamin region) for Mung bea
(Vigna radiata). 8 drilled profiles in order to see the profiles were chosen and after collecting data on real output,
the variable cost of producing the product and the critical values and estimated gross profit are calculated and land
suitability classes were determined. The results showed that one unit has a moderate suitability (S
2) and two units
have suitable classes (S
1) from separate units.

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