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Diaphragmatic eventration: Review of current knowledge, diagnostic, and management options

Authors: Joanna de Andrade Cordeiro, Ana Karla Almeida, Senival Alves de Oliveira Júnior, Barbara MonitchellyFernandes, Amalia CinthiaMenesesRegoand IramiAraújo-Filho

Int J Med Res Health Sci.62-65 | pdf PDF Full Text

The diaphragmatic eventration [DE] is a rare pathology, commonly asymptomatic, but can result in dyspnea and recurrent respiratory infections. Can be caused can a congenital defect or be acquired by phrenic nerve injury. Your diagnosis occurs primarily through the visualization of the elevation of the diaphragmatic dome affected on chest xrays applied at random. Your management depends on the clinical symptoms, which if present, surgical treatment and minimally invasive techniques the procedure ofchoice.

Keywords: Diaphragmatic eventration, congenital abnormalities, congenital diaphragmatic defect, diaphragm, musculoskeletal abnormalities, respiratory system abnormalities.

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