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Development a Model of the Relationship of Psychological Well-Being with Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem and Psychological Hardiness in Cancer Patients of Benign Brain Tumors

Authors: HamedNoori, Hasan Ahadi, Said MalihiAlzakerini, and AdisKraskian

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Brain tumors are common causes of mortality and disabilities in human societies. With the all-round advances in
the fields of diagnosis and treatment as a group and team and interdisciplinary is an undeniable necessity.
According to the National Association of tumor America in 2013, In America the number of 688000 persons
suffering from primary brain tumors. The incidence of brain tumors over the past 20 years has increased in all age
groups. This study investigates a model of the relationship of psychological well-being with self-efficacy, self-esteem
and psychological hardiness in cancer patients of benign brain tumors in order to recovery and better health and
better compatibility with brain tumor patients. This research is descriptive-correlation. The population includes all
brain tumor patients who are referring to Beasat hospital in Sanandaj of Kurdistan province, who they are gone
under brain tumor surgery from 2014 to 2016.according to Morgan table for the studied population the acceptable
samples will be 200 persons. These samples were selected as stratified random sampling. For data analyzing
structural equation modeling was used for investigate the main purpose of the study in addition to descriptive
indicators associated with each scale. SPSS software version 22 and modeling software AMOS18 were used for data
analyzing. According to obtained fitting indicators (RMSEA=0.005, CFI=0.956, AGFI= 0.907, GFI, 0.931,
CMIN=2.2) P=0.001. It was clear that the developed model has good fitness. The application of this model is useful
in the supportive psychotherapy of brain tumor patients for upgrading health and computability with illness.

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