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Detection of Cyclospora cayetanensis Infections among Diarrheal Children Attending Pediatric Teaching Hospitalin Sulaimani City

Authors: Fatimah Mohammed Ali, Shahnaz Abdul Kader Ali and Sham Jamil Abdullah

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The present study aimed to investigate the Cyclospora infection among children attended Pediatric Teaching Hospital in Sulaimani City and to determine its prevalence among other intestinal parasites. The study started from the 1st of Jun. to the 1 st of Dec. 2014. Three hundred stool samples were collected from children aged between6 months to 14 years old from both genders who attended the hospital. Data was collected using a questionnaire form including information about gender, age, location…. .etc. Stool samples were examined by direct wet mount and modified acid-fast stain as a standard method. Using Modified Ziehl-Neelsen stain method revealed that 12(4.0%) was positive for Cyclospora oocysts, with no significant difference in the total rate of infection. Theinfection rate in males was (3.9%) while in females was (4.1%),with no significance difference between genders and the rate among children in urban area was (4.1%) while in rural areas was (3.3%). According to the age group children from (6 months – 2 years) of age showed the highest (5.6%) prevalence rate, while the lowest rate of infection(3.9%) was recorded among children aged between (3-5 years), with no significant difference between the rate of infection and the age groups. Also by applying direct wet mount method the rate of infection was (3.0%), which became in the
second level of infection after Entamoeba histolytica (10.3%). Cyclosporias is founded as an endemic case in Pediatric Teaching Hospitalin Sulaimani City for the first time, were modified acid-fast stain was the most reliable technique for its diagnosis, and must be considered as one of the most important cause of diarrhea among children.

Keywords: Stool samples, Children, Cyclospora oocysts, Sulaimani, Iraq.

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