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Demographic, Psychological and Medical Characteristics of 1-10 Year-old Children with Autism: A Systematic Review of Archival Records

Authors: Bahareh Eskandari, Hamidreza Pouretamad, Mojtaba Habibi Asgarabad and Fatemeh Taki

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This study is conducted to extract demographic, psychological and medical characteristics of children with autism
referred to CTAD. This study is a systematic review based on archival records of 368 children with autism who
received rehabilitation services from 2009-2015. The mean age of children was three years and nine months at
diagnosis; the samples were 85.3% male and 60.6% were single children. The mean age of fathers was 38 years
ranging from 28 to 57 years and the mean age of mothers was 33 years ranging from 21 to 50 years. The highest
number of fathers (39.1%) and mothers (45.4%) had bachelor’s degree. Moderate autism and mild sensory
problems were most prevalent (41% and 53.3%, respectively). Of the children, 84% had no developmental delay,
while more than half of them (50.8%) showed signs of hyperactivity. Among all children, only 24.8% underwent
EEG which showed no problem in 16.6%. The results of this study can be used to identify the target group (children
with autism) and help to formulate plans and policies regarding these children.
Keywords: autism, sensory problems, hyperactivity symptoms, developmental delay

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