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Demographic Dynamics in Tuberculosis Patients of Delhi

Authors: A. K. Kapoor and Kiran Singh

Int J Med Res Health Sci.43-49 | pdf PDF Full Text

There are many socio-demographic risks factors for pulmonary tuberculosis. However there are limited studies done in Delhi. The objective of the study to determine the socio-demographic risk factors associated with confirmed TB patients registered in Dots centre of Delhi. Method this was hospital based study a case was defined as individual 17- 20 years. Then 21-55 years age group has clubbed. Results Occupational levels of the subjects indicate that in settled population males are involved in private jobs 48.6%. While 55% females are house wives, 26.1% males are self-employed, 24.5 % females are students in settled population. Similarly in migrated population 58.7% males are in private jobs and 26.4 % are students and 70.5 % females are house wives and 15.4 % females are students

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