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Authors: W. Elshami, A. Elamrdi, S. Alyafie, M. Abuzaid

Int J Med Res Health Sci.2016;5(1):68-73 | pdf PDF Full Text

Aim: The study aimed to examine attitudes and practice of radiographer in the fields of CPD and ascertain barriers of CPD in Sudan. Method & Material: A questionnaire to collect quantitative data and all participants were working in the field of radiography or medical imaging. The questionnaire was derived from previous studies and consisted of close-ended and some open-ended questions. Result: The study revealed positive attitudes and opinions towards CPD as most of respondents agreed that CPD is important and should be mandatory but on contrary it reflected poor participation in CPD activities. The most common barriers were cost, staff shortage and lack of activities and resources. Conclusion: This study has provided an insight into radiographers’ perceptions of CPD in Sudan. Most of radiographers agreed that CPD improve practice and it is important to them but there is poor participation in CPD activities.  Therefore, there is a need to cultivate continuous learning culture to improve the existing knowledge and skills.

Keywords: Radiography, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Radiographer, Medical Imaging, Attitudes, Barriers

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