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Comparison the Effect of the Fatigue of Body and Lower Limbs on the Performance and Risk Factors of Lower Limbs In the Women Novice Athletes

Authors: TayebehMehtar, Amir Letafatkar and MaliheHadadnezhad

Int J Med Res Health Sci.34-39 | pdf PDF Full Text

The fatigue defined as lack ability of a person to produce required power or the inability to maintain and duration
the generated power for doing targeted activity. The effect of fatigue in creating sport injuries and consequently
treatment costs, staying away from sport as well as reducing the quality of athletic performance is evidence for
everyone. Research that has been done in the field of fatigue have had an overall overview of this issue. The
objective of this research was doing a comparison the effect of body and lower limbs fatigue on the performance and
risk factors of lower limbs in the women novice athletes. In this study, 45 novice female athletes were selected as
available. A pre-test including functional tests and the test of landing error without applying body fatigue protocol
And lower limbs were done from the subjects and after a day resting in the second day after applying ABT fatigue
protocol in the body fatigue group and Bosko fatigue protocol in the lower limbs group the functional tests and
landing error was done. Kolmogorov-Smirnov, ANOVA and Kruskal-Wallis tests in the 0.05 significance used for
data statistical analysis. Results indicated that the fatigue of body and lower limbs leads to increase significance
and risky factors of lower limbs injuries and reducing significance of dynamic balance in all directions. Also there
was not observed a meaningful difference between average changes in risk factors for lower extremity injuries,
dynamic balance (in all directions) on invoice women of body fatigue group and lower limbs. The body and lower
limbs fatigue leads to reduce dynamic balance and increasing risk factors of lower limbs.

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