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Comparison of two methods: TBL-based and lecture-based learning in nursing care of patients with diabetes in nursing students

Authors: Masoud Khodaveisi, Khosro Qaderian, Khodayar Oshvandi, Ali Reza Soltanian, Mehdi molavi Vardanjani and Arash Khalili

Int J Med Res Health Sci.211-217 | pdf PDF Full Text

Learning plays an important role in developing nursing skills and right care-taking. The Present study aims to
evaluate two learning methods based on team –based learning and lecture-based learning in learning care-taking of
patients with diabetes in nursing students. In this quasi-experimental study, 64 students in term 4 in nursing college
of Bukan and Miandoab were included in the study based on knowledge and performance questionnaire including
15 questions based on knowledge and 5 questions based on performance on care-taking in patients with diabetes
were used as data collection tool whose reliability was confirmed by cronbach alpha (r=0.83) by the researcher. To
compare the mean score of knowledge and performance in each group in pre-test step and post-test step, pair –t test
and to compare mean of scores in two groups of control and intervention, the independent t- test was used. There
was not significant statistical difference between two groups in pre terms of knowledge and performance score
(p=0.784). There was significant difference between the mean of knowledge scores and diabetes performance in the
post-test in the team-based learning group and lecture-based learning group (p=0.001). There was significant
difference between the mean score of knowledge of diabetes care in pre-test and post-test in base learning groups
(p=0.001). In both methods team-based and lecture-based learning approaches resulted in improvement in learning
in students, but the rate of learning in the team-based learning approach is greater compared to that of lecturebased
learning and it is recommended that this method be used as a higher education method in the education of
Keywords: Active Learning, Team-based Learning, Lecture, Nursing Students, Nursing Education

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