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Comparison of the effects of Mycocin vaginal cream and Metronidazole vaginal gel on treatment of bacterial vaginosis: A randomized clinical trial

Authors: Maryam Asadi, Sedighe Forouhari, Bahia Namavar Jahromi, Afsoon Zarei Mehrab Sayadi and Sima Kiani Rad

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Metronidazole is recommended as the first-line treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). With respect to various side
effects of metronidazole and increased antibiotic resistance, it seems necessary to find a medication with fewer side
effects. The present study aimed to compare the effects of Mycocin vaginal cream (made of garlic and thyme) and
metronidazole vaginal gel on treatment of the patients with BV. This clinical trial which was conducted on 120
married women aged 18-44 years whose infection with BV was diagnosed through clinical Amsel criteria. The
participants were randomly divided into two groups of 60 receiving Mycocin vaginal cream or metronidazole
vaginal gel for seven days. Clinical Amsel criteria and the patients’ complaints were assessed again 7 days after
completion of the treatment period. The results showed a decrease in the patients’ complaints and clinical Amsel
criteria after the treatment with Mycocin vaginal cream and metronidazole vaginal gel. However, no significant
difference was observed between the two groups regarding clinical improvement in Amsel criteria (P<0.05). Mixed
Garlic and Thyme vaginal cream (Mycocin) seems to be an appropriate alternative for metronidazole vaginal gel in
treatment of BV.
Keywords: Garlic, Metronidazole vaginal gel, Mycocin vaginal cream, Thyme, Bacterial vaginosis

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