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Comparison of nursing and midwifery students’ perceptions of the educational environment

Authors: Hassanian Zahra Marzieh and Oshvandi Khodayar

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Educational environment is an extremely essential part on students’ learning and educational activity. Perception of
educational environment influences student learning and educational outcomes. Learning is situated within a given
environment and cannot be dissociated from the context in which it occurs .The DREEM (Dundee Ready
Educational Environment Measure) questionnaire is an essential instrument for measuring educational
environment. The aim of the study was to compare nursing and midwifery students’ perceptions of through
academic years about educational environment. A cross-sectional study was conducted with nursing and midwifery
students in Hamadan Nursing and Midwifery Faculty. In this study 308 students including 249 nursing and 59
midwifery students were participated. The Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure questionnaire was
applied. 79.65% of participants were nursing students and 20.4% midwifery students. The highest average
perception of the education climate was 21.87 as to second nursing semester students. The findings showed that the
perception of the lower levels students in regarding learning, instructors, self-studentship, climate of the faculty
subcategories had significant difference than high-year students, and in self-social subcategory data showed that
there is no significant difference between the perceptions of the students in different academic years. Students in the
first, second, third and fourth years had different perceptions towards school environment. It is required that pay
more attention to nursing and midwifery education climate and improve the learning environment and educational
programs, and pay special attention to the difficulties in third and fourth years nursing and midwifery students.

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