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Comparison of IL-13 and IL-27 levels between schizophrenics and healthy subjects before and after antipsychotic administration

Authors: Ali Alidadi1, Hossein Ali Khazaei, Babak Nakhjavan Shahraki, Salar Andarzi, Arman Jalili, Ali Mirzaei, Ali Shahraki, Salah Hajinejad and Seyed Mehdi Hashemi

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Many new evidences suggest cytokine activities involvement in pathogenicity of schizophrenia. Therefore, the aim of
this study was to assess the serum levels of IL-13 and 27 in schizophrenics, and then compares them with those of
healthy individuals. This project was conducted in 2013. First, the patients and the controls were matched based on
their sex and age, then serum levels of IL-13 and 27 (ELISA) were measured at the beginning of treatment with
antipsychotics, Once more, after completion of antipsychotic administration for three months, the interleukins were
assayed. The results indicated that IL-13 levels in the male and female patients before treatment were significantly
higher than their respective control groups (P = 0.001and P = 0.002). The amount of this cytokine three month after
the treatment, showed no significant difference between the two groups (P = 0.965 and P = 0.205). The results also
revealed that IL-27 levels in female patients had no significant increase before the treatment comparing to their
associated control group (P = 0.625) and serum level of the cytokine in male patients was significantly low before
the treatment comparing to their control subjects (p=0.009). Serum level of this cytokine demonstrated no
significant difference between the patients and their control groups based on their age and sex after treating for
three months (P = 0.325 and P = 0.744). The results indicated that serum levels of IL-13 and IL-27 before and
after the treatment were different and treating with antipsychotics returned IL-13 and IL-27 serum levels of the
patients to the same level of the controls.

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