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Comparison of bloody pap smear fixation by Carnoy’s and fixator spray in samples from women with abnormal uterine bleeding

Authors: Keshavarz Najmeh, Abdali Khadijeh, Akbarzadeh Mojgan, Amooei Sedighe, Tabatabaei Sayyed Hamidreza and Dowran Paria

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Abnormal uterine bleeding is a serious problem among women of late reproductive age. Cervical cancer is one of
the reasons of AUB and Pap smear is the best way to diagnose it. Blood has negative effects on Pap smear
especially in AUB with great blood. One of the effective solutions for lysing RBC is Carnoy’s. This study aims to
compare two methods of fixation in bloody Pap smear by Carnoy’s and normal spray in samples from women with
AUB. This study was done on 204 bloody Pap smear from 102 women with AUB that referred to Zeinabieh and
Faghihi hospitals of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences from2012-2013. After observing uterine bleeding in each
subject, two samples were provided using usual Pap smear method; one of the slides was fixed by normal spray and
the other slide fixed by Carnoy’s solution for20 minutes. After staining (Papanicolaou method), two pathologists
performed a double-blind trial to analyze them. Data analysis was done using SPSS. 82 samples did not have cell
adequacy. Squamous cells in Carnoy’s-fixed slides were more than spray-fixed ones (p=0.024). The decrease in the
number of RBC on slides and the increase in the clarity of slides in Carnoy’s-fixed samples were more than sprayfixed slides (p=0.001), while identifying inflammatory cells(p=0.832) and microbial factors (p=1) in both methods
showed no significant difference. Carnoy’s solution can be used as an effective fixative in bloody Pap smear from
women with abnormal uterine bleeding.

Keywords: uterine bleeding, Papanicolaou Smear, Cervical cancer, fixation

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