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Comparison Nokia, Samsung and Sony mobile phones in the specific absorption rate of head induced to electric field

Authors: Yadolah Fakhri and Monireh Majlessi

Int J Med Res Health Sci.377-384 | pdf PDF Full Text

The use of mobile phones has expanded in recent decades. Despite the extensive studies in this field, less attention
has been paid to the biological effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by the mobile phones. Therefore, in this
study there has been an attempt to compare the electric field, the specific absorption rate caused by exposure to
mobile phones from samsung, nokia and sony to be followed. The electric field of Samsung mobile phones (8
Brands), Nokia (9 Brands) and Sony (4 Brands) at intervals of 2, 25 and 50 cm in case of ringing, vibration and
silent modes by HI-3603 equipment to measure and compare. The electric field amplitude Brand Samsung 0.06 to
1.5 v/m in Nokia brand 0.06 to 10.9 v/m, 0.05 to 2.8 v/m in the Sony brand. Specific absorption rate respectively in
different modes Samsung brand; vibration<silent<ringing for nokia and sony; brand vibration<silent<ringing.
Specific absorption rate in nokia brand in non-significantly was more than the Sony and Samsung (p value> 0.05).
Although the electric field, followed by specific absorption rate was significantly less than standard, many dangers
of mobile phone use is unknown, therefore their use should be taken with caution.
Keywords: Electric Field, Mobile Phone, Specific Absorption Rate, Nokia, Samsung and Sony

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