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Comparing the satisfaction of patients before and after the implementation of the healthcare reform in hospitals of Qazvin, 2015

Authors: Sahar Ali Asghari, Faeze Sahbaei and Ebrahim Ebrahimi Abianeh

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Preservation and promotion of health, which is an important asset, should be considered as the most important
efforts of everyday life. The main goal of healthcare reform is to create health equity. This study aimed to compare
the satisfaction of patients before and after the implementation the healthcare reform in hospitals of Qazvin .This
study is a descriptive-comparative study conducted by evaluating the results of questionnaires completed by 204
patients admitted to hospitals affiliated to Qazvin University of Medical Sciences. The patients had to be admitted to
the hospitals before the plan. The questionnaire was self-administered. In order to determine the scientific validity
and reliability, test-retest method was used. The results were analyzed by statistical software SPSS20 and
descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation. In this study, data from 204 surveys were reviewed. After the
implementation of the healthcare reform plan compared to before the implementation, satisfaction with admission
unit (p=0.001), satisfaction with nursing service (p=0.001), physician (p=0.00), services (p=0.002), hoteling
equipment (p=0.005), preparation of medicines and medical supplies (p=0.00), radiology (p=0.01), laboratory
(p=0.001), satisfaction with discharge unit (p=0.00), and the cost of treatment (p=0.00) have increased. Given the
echocardiography unit and patients with supplementary insurance, satisfaction with the cost of treatment did not
change after the plan .According to the study, the implementation of healthcare reform increases patient satisfaction
in the selected hospitals of Qazvin.
Keywords: Satisfaction, Healthcare Reform, Hospital.

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