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Compare the effects of electromagnetic therapy and exercises on estrogen hormone

Authors: SomayehKasharafiFard, Hassan Matinhomaee, MaghsoudPeeri, Mohammad aliAzarbayjani, Ali Askarzadeh, Laila Satarzadeh, EghbalSekhavatiand Jalal Saem

Int J Med Res Health Sci.346-354 | pdf PDF Full Text

Menopause is the passing phase from fertility to infertility for women. 40 Sprague dawley female rats in different
phases of menstruation were randomly selected from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Laboratory, they were
anesthetized and their ovaries were removed. After 12 weeks of rest to reach menopause they were divided to 4
equal groups: control group (C), electromagnetic pulse therapy group (M), exercise group (E), and electromagnetic
therapy – exercise group (ME), and continued their exercise program for 10 weeks. Exercise program which was
executed for 3 times a week, on flatted treadmill. And subjects from group M were put inside the English made BTL
magnet device model 5000, with 51 MT/10 intensity and 30 Hz frequency, 3 days in a week for 30 minutes. Also the
subjects in group ME performed the programs from exercise and electromagnetic pulse group simultaneously. After
10 weeks of experimenting, all rats bleeding. The results showed that the average number of electromagnetic –
exercise, electromagnetic, and exercise groups are significantly better that control group and this difference is
meaningfully considered 95% approved (p<0.05). Moreover, the results show that there is a meaningful difference
between electromagnetic – exercise group and exercise group (P= 0.042, SD= 0.756, M= 2.27) and these
differences are 95% approved in a meaningful level (p<0.05). But other differences have no meaning. we can use
electromagnetic therapy – exercise method, electromagnetic therapy method, and exercise method to increase
estrogen and heal osteoporosis.

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