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Comparative Analysis of Marital Satisfaction and Quality of life in Mothers with Exceptional Children and Mothers with Normal Children

Authors: Gholam Abbas Lohranpour and Shiva Chahartangi

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This study attempts to analyze comparatively marital satisfaction and quality of life in mothers with exceptional
children and mothers with normal children. Methodology in present study is comparative. For sample, it selects 40
mothers with normal children in nursery school and preschool located in Ahvaz, 40 mothers with exceptional
children under education and care in daily sanatorium, and 30 mothers with exceptional children hospitalized
(nightly) in Ahvaz. They are tested by a enrich questionnaire of short form with 47 questions and 36 questions of
quality of life. Statistical model of one-way variance analysis is used for data analysis. Findings indicate that there
is no significant difference in marital satisfaction between mothers with exceptional children in caring centers and
mothers with normal children, yet there is a significant difference in quality of life (mental-physical) between
mothers with exceptional children and mothers with normal children. Results of study indicate that mental quality of
life as dependent variable is influenced by factors such as children with mental or physical disability as independent
variables. Birth of an exceptional child reduces mental quality of life. Results show that not presence of exceptional
child for full-time is highly effective on physical quality of life.
Key words: quality of life, marital satisfaction, exceptional child

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