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Coagulation profile in normal full-term neonate in the first week of life in Lagos-Nigeria

Authors: Garba N., Ogbenna A. A., Adediran A. and Fajulu I. B.

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Normal reference values of haemostatic profile are frequently needed to assist in diagnosis and management of bleeding disorders. Because of the anatomical and physiological differences between neonates and adults, it is essential to know the reference range of coagulation profile in neonates in the first week of life. The aim of this study is to establish a normal reference range for coagulation profile in normal full-term neonates in the first week of life in Lagos-Nigeria. This is a cross-sectional study carried out among normal full-term neonates born in Lagos Island Maternity Hospital and Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Neonates’ demographic data were documented. Citrated plasma was collected and tested for Prothrombin Time (PT), Partial Thromboplastin Time with Kaolin (PTTK) and Thrombin Time (TT) using Coatron M2 Coagulation Analyzer (TECO GmbH in Germany). Reference values were established for neonates in the 1 st week of life by using the formula of Mean ± 2 Stan dard Deviation (SD) that is at 95% confidence level. Comparative analysis was carried out between the mean values of neonates and adults established mean values. The Mean ± Stan dard Deviation of PT, PTTK and TT at the first week of life were 13.41 ± 1.33 seconds, 43.38 ± 6.75 seconds and 24.01 ± 3.03 seconds respectively. Using the formu la of Mean ± 2SD, the reference ranges of PT, PTTK and TT were 10.7-16.07seconds, 29.88-56.88 seconds and 17.95-30.07 seconds respectively. Statistically significant difference was observed when mean values of PT, PTTK and TT of neonates at the 1 st week of life were compared with adults established values done in the country and elsewhere in the world (p-value < 0.05). This research provides a reference range of PT, PTTK and TT for the management of neonates in the 1 st week of life in Lagos, Nigeria. It indicates that reference values of PT, PTTK and TT in neonates during the 1 st week of life are different from that of adults as described in literature. Therefore we cannot use adult reference values of PT, PTTK and TT to manage neonates during the 1 st week of life.

Key words: Reference values, full-term neonates, prothrombin time, partial thromboplastin time with kaolin, thrombin time.

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