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Cerebral subdural hematoma following spinal anesthesia; A Case report

Authors: Soraya Saleh Gargari, Maasoumeh Saleh and Samaneh Esmaeili

Int J Med Res Health Sci.170-174 | pdf PDF Full Text

The present article describes an uncommon case of acute subdural hematoma following Spinal anesthesia after
cesarean delivery, a 24 year-old female primigravida with 37 weeks of gestation whose pregnancy was terminated
due to high blood pressure and received treatment for preeclampsia. About 48 hours after cesarean delivery, she
developed a severe headache and her brain CT scan revealed a small size subdural hematoma in occipital area and
she managed conservatively.
Keywords: Subdural hematoma, Spinal anesthesia, Preeclampsia, Cesarean delivery

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