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Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency in Otolaryngological Diseases

Authors: Upadhyay Animesh A. and Bhide Poorva P.

Int J Med Res Health Sci.271-275 | pdf PDF Full Text

A prospective study to observe the prevalence of deficiency of vitamin D and Calcium in outpatients of
otolaryngology clinic at R.C.S.M Government Medical College Kolhapur, India. The patients attending outpatient of
otolaryngology clinic with various complaints and not responding to conventional treatment were advised for
assessment of vitamin D [25 (OH) D] level in blood. To establish the presence of Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency
in patients with otolaryngological diseases. The age, sex, occupation, chief complaints, obesity and provisional
diagnosis was noted in all cases. A total of 86 patients were examined, maximum patients were in the age group of
7–15 years. The chief complaints in majority of the patients were sore throat with recurrent upper respiratory tract
infection. Only three patient’s vitamin D levels were found to be within normal limits. In the remaining 83 (96.51 %)
cases it was either deficient (as in: 57 (66.28 %)) or insufficient (as in 21 (24.42 %)). The incidence of vitamin D
deficiency is high in Ear Nose Throat disease (E.N.T.) patients. The results of vitamin supplementation were
promising in cases of Pharyngitis, URTI with asthma, post operation of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media,
empirical supplementation of vitamin D in all E.N.T. patients not responding to conventional treatment is worth

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