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Bandage Contact Lens for Ultraviolet Light Photo keratitis

Authors: Alireza Dehghani, Abdolreza Rezaeian Ramsheh, Alireza Peyman, Reza Pourmohammadi, MohamadReza Akhlaghi, Leila Rezaei and Mohammad Mahboubi

Int J Med Res Health Sci.285-287 | pdf PDF Full Text

Subject: To compare usage of bandage contact lens (BCL) and eye patching on treatment of patient’s signs and
symptoms with ultraviolet (UV) light exposure photo keratitis. Method: This prospective study included 32 patients
with bilateral UV photo keratitis, due to welder’s flash with equal severity. After primary evaluation BCL is placed
for one eye and patching is done for another one. Reexamination performed after 12 to 24 hours and severity of
pain, Superficial Punctate Keratopathy (SPK) and duration of symptom improvement compared in both eyes.
Results: Our findings revealed that SPK and duration of improvement were not different statistically significant but
were more satisfied and comfortable with BCL. Conclusion: According to this study, BCL can use in patients with
photo keratitis instead of eye patching.
Keywords: Contact Lens, Ultraviolet Light, Superficial Punctate Keratopathy

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