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Assessment of pharmacology teaching – a critical appraisal by medical school learners


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

Authors: Parimala K, Subash KR, Jagan N, Vijay Kumar S, Viswanathan S,  Chandrasekhar M
Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2013;2(2):124-129 


Background: Students feedback is an indicator of the success of any teaching methodology followed in a department. Aim: To identify strengths and weaknesses in the current teaching-learning and evaluation methodology in pharmacology using feedback from second MBBS students in Meenakshi Medical College and Research  Institute. Materials and Methods: Questionnaire was designed and finalised after a departmental discussion in concurrence with the Medical Education Unit. The study subjects were 115 (2011batch) second-year medical students. They were requested to fill the questionnaire. A 10-item multiple choice questionnaires were used to explore the student’s opinion on teaching. The questionnaires were analyzed. Results: 115 II M.B.B.S students participated and descriptive statistics was used for analysis of data. The analysis revealed 82.82%, 72.17% and 93.64% student’s interest towards writing classification of drugs, weekly test and viva-voice respectively. Conclusion: The present study has helped us to elicit the student preference regarding pharmacology teaching and its outcome would be helpful in modifying undergraduate pharmacology teaching patterns.

Key words:  Medical education, Pharmacology Assessment, Medical school learners.

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